"Poppy is a very unique character...This was a very interesting book filled with secrets, lies, sex and violence. I look forward to more adventures with Poppy."

-Linda Tonis, Paranormal Romance Guild-

A Ghost of a Chance

Fueled by wine and revenge, Poppy Jones will do whatever it takes to find her fiance's killer, even if it means receiving help from their former vampire lover. Only Poppy Jones can see the ghost of her fiance, Jackson. To find his killer, she must seek the help of their ex-lover, a vampire named Lucas. Lucas had loved Jackson as much as she and the three were nearly inseparable until Jackson's death. While awaiting her day of vengeance, Poppy Jones is hired to find the missing daughter of a very powerful man. As she tries to prove the suspected kidnapper's innocence, she is inadvertently forced into a toxic friendship with him. Poppy finds her quests intertwining and the two work together to find the truth behind the girl's disappearance and the location of Jackson's killer.

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About the Author

Gina Kay lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania. She has had...

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